Susan has been interested in art as long as she can remember. Her mother tells stories of her drawing for hours and making up tales to go with the pictures As a child she had imaginary friends that she would talk to in creaive play. Encouraged by her Mother and teachers she continued her artwork, winning several art awards and much praise.

She married her highschool sweetheart and put her artwork aside for a time, concentrating on marriage, work and soon a family. However, her natural, God given flair for art came out in her daily life. She turned to working on her house, making clothing and costumes for her childrn anddecorating cakes. At one point she had a cake declorating usiness, making elaborate custom cakes and wedding cakes for her clients.

In her late twenties she came across a shop that gave art classes (The Idea Shop owned by Gerry Klein) and decided to take classes. What attracted her to this shop in particular, was the fact that each student worked on whatever they chose to paint and was not prohibited to painting something that was all together different from anything on display, provided the teacher was up to the challange.
This was a wonderful opportunity for her, giving her an outlet for her talent, but she gained much more then that, finding a great mentor and friend in Gerry Klein. About nine months after taking her first class, she was asked to teach. At about the ame time she began working at “Klein Arts and Crafts” (a wholesale distributor of art products)and was asked to paint up samples for display to promote book authors’ designs. This painting, along with teaching in this open workshop approach, opened her art up to diverse styles of painting strengthened her creativity and immediate response to ideas. Soon she was painting her own designs and then decided she would do an instructional book of her own.

In 1984 she wrote her first instructional book “Susan’s Tole Tales, Vol.1”. Many books would follow, now totaling 17. Her work has been published in numerous magazines and newspapers. After one such newspaper article, where her home was featured with it’s painted floors (which lead to a “Better Homes & Gardens” Publication), she started painting commisoned murals.

Susan then started licensing out her designs and is now represented by International Art Agent Linda McDonald, Inc. Manufacturers interested in licensing Susan’s art, please contact:

Linda McDonald, Inc.
5200 Park Road
Suite 104
Charlotte, NC 28209
704-370-0058 FAX

Susan lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband and are now “empty nesters”. However, the nest is visited often by her two boys and their families. The oldest son and his wife have two children, a boy and a girl. Needless to say, the grandchildren provide Susan with much inspiration,as her own boys did when they were little.

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