Susan conducts decorative painting classes for adults year round and has over 25 years of teaching experience.  Students enroll for a month at a time, meeting once a week. Classes are run in a casual workshop forum, which allows students to pick a project of their own choice and work at their own pace.  This provides a relaxed sharing atmosphere free of pressure sometimes involved when given a controlled time for completion.  A basic supply list is listed below. Students may work in acrylic, watercolor or oil.  Susan will be happy to assist with a more custom supply list, if needed, when you sign up for classes.  Susan works from student to student to help with their individual needs, making suggests, showing how to use different types of brushes and mediums.  Time with each student differs week to week depending on student’s needs. By allowing students to pick what they want to paint, students are encouraged to use their creativity and their paintings become more personal.  Beginners to experienced painters are welcome.  If you have ever wanted to paint something, but just didn’t know how to start, this is the class for you.  Classes run for 2-1/2 hours, with the last 15 minutes spent cleaning up.  Students are responsible for all their art supplies. 

Contact Susan at 314-645-0839 or susans1@sbcglobal.net
for monthly fees and dates.


MONDAY    6:00 pm – 8:30 pm St. John’s Evangelical United Church
11333 St. John’s Church Road
St. Louis MO 63123
TUESDAY    9:30 am – 12:00 noon South County Baptist Church
12995 Tesson Ferry
St. Louis MO 63128
TUESDAY    12:30 noon - 3:00 pm South County Baptist Church
12995 Tesson Ferry
St. Louis MO 63128
TUESDAY     5:30 pm – 8:00 pm Hobby Lobby Kirkwood
1215 S Kirkwood Road
St. Louis MO 63122
WEDNESDAY 9:30 – 12:00 noon South County Baptist Church
12995 Tesson Ferry
St. Louis MO 63128
WEDNESDAY 12:30 pm – 3:00 pm South County Baptist Church
12995 Tesson Ferry
St. Louis MO 63128

Basic Supply List

Pencil   Paper towels Tracing paper
Palette paper*  Trowel palette knife* White & black graphite paper
Stylus White Magic eraser Scissors
Pencil Sharpener Painting surface Pink Soap (brush cleaner)*
Foam brush* Fine grade sandpaper** Tack cloth**
Spray sealer*
Paints for needed for whatever project or medium (oil, acrylic or watercolor)
Painting medium – (flow improver or extender for acrylics, masking fluid for watercolors and Liquin or copal for oils)
Water basin for acrylics or watercolors, jar with pad for oils filled with odorless turpentine   
Plastic tablecloth (24” x 36”) to cover work area

*- Items not needed for watercolor (substitute reusable watercolor palette for palette paper)
**- Items needed when preparing wood surface for painting


Susan recommends purchasing good quality brushes made for the specific medium (acrylic, oil or watercolor) you are using.  Do not purchase craft brushes.   Brushes should fit the item you are painting.  Smaller brushes for detail, larger brushes for larger areas.  In general, use the largest brush you are comfortable using.  Watercolor is the easiest on your brushes and you can general get by with a couple of rounds, (#6, #12), a large wash brush (1”), #1 liner and a #1 script liner.  Acrylics and oils are harder on your brushes and you will need to purchase brushes more often.  Many companies have several of these brushes in value sets.  Royal and Langnickel is one company that Susan recommends. 

In general the following is a good start:           

  • 1” Glaze/wash brush
  • #2, #4, #6, #8, #10, & # 12 flat brushes (shader  for acrylics and brights for oils)- purchase every other one to start
  • #2 Round brush
  • #1 Liner brush
  • #1 Script liner brush

As you progress, you will want to purchase specialty brushes to achieve different results.


Susan conducts special seminars occasionally.  Please check back for times and dates.  Currently she is holding a painted Christmas quilt block that will run till December of 2009.


2nd Monday of each Month 9:30 am -4:40 pm
South County Baptist Church
12995 Tesson Ferry
St. Louis MO 63128

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